Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Whats that weird star shaped nut in your Instagram giveaway?

Sacha Inchi is a nut native to South America which happens to have one of the highest quality plant based proteins available because it contains the complete range of essential amino acids and in the right proportions for the human body.  It also contains a healthy dose of omega fatty acids.  Every Smarter Blend smoothie kit contains premium organic Sacha Inchi as part of our plant protein blend.

2 What makes Smarter Blend “smarter”?

We didn’t invent smoothies but we feel we have made great strides towards optimizing them for a modern healthy diet. While most recipes start in the kitchen and are analyzed for nutrition after a desired taste is achieved, we approach our development in the opposite direction. We define our target nutritional profile in advance, then reference our library of nutritious ingredients to find the right combination to achieve that end. We then tweak and modify the recipe within predetermined parameters to achieve a desirable taste without compromising the nutrition.

Many health food producers want to claim perfect balance between taste and nutrition and we think we have come pretty close.  However, we are proud to admit that nutrition is our top priority.

3 Why do you measure your smoothie kit sizes using calories?

One of our goals here at Smarter Blend is to provide the best information we can about our product in order to help you plan your nutrition. There really is no perfect universal way to measure the quantity of a food since every person metabolizes foods differently and not all calories are created equal.  Calories are just the best option available and we think they are a better quantifier then the words Small, Medium and Large.

Other brands provide products with wildly varied caloric and nutritional value between flavors. While our flavors do have some nutritional variation, there is a fairly high level of consistency between them, allowing the customer to pick different flavors one day to the next while still being able to rely upon a predictable level of satiation and nutrition.

4 Are Smarter Blend’s smoothie kits Organic?

We are not currently organic certified but we try to use organic ingredients whenever we can get our hands on them. This is especially true for ingredients we know to be at high risk for pesticides or other contamination. Certification takes time and money and is something we hope to achieve one day as we continue to develop our business and our product.

5 Are Smarter Blend’s smoothie kits Gluten Free?

We don’t use any ingredients that naturally contain gluten on their own but we cannot promise you won’t encounter trace amounts due to manufacturing cross contamination from our facility.  If you are avoiding gluten as a health choice then you should be fine.

6 What do “Calories Derived From” mean and why should I care.

All calories are derived from either Fats, Proteins or Carbohydrates and it turns out that a healthy human diet needs all three. The vast majority of smoothies out there, while containing valuable nutrition are highly imbalanced in that they tend to be comprised almost entirely of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of sugars from fruits. This would be okay in moderation or if being consumed along side a meal containing plenty of fats and proteins to help buffer the sugar.

However, when consumed by itself an overly sugary smoothie can wreak havoc on your blood sugar while missing out on many critical nutrients. From a nutritional standpoint we see this as a deal breaker when considering the health value of a meal. That’s why we go to great lengths to balance our caloric sources between fats, proteins and carbohydrates with nuts, seeds, yogurt… This results is a much more stable and lasting source of energy that should leave you more satiated and wont take you on a blood sugar rollercoaster ride.

Some might choose to use this information to determine which flavor to consume based on current needs. For example our smoothies that contain higher levels of carbohydrates might make a better pre or post gym smoothie since heavy exertion often leaves blood sugar depleted. Alternatively, those looking to lose weight might opt for smoothies low in carbohydrates.

7 Is this a “weight loss” product?

Yes and No. There are many opinions concerning this topic but we believe the key to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight is to eat the right amount of healthy food for your body and your lifestyle. Whether you are trying to lose weight or you are a high performing athlete with a bottomless stomach, you will benefit from a well balanced and nutrient dense meal. We have attempted to make portion control easy with a rigid sizing protocol based on calories instead of volume.

That said, while all our kits contain less sugar on average than any other commercially available smoothies we have encountered, some of our flavors do have more than others which can be a negative to those trying to lose weight. If sugar is a concern to you we recommend selecting blending liquids that don’t contain a lot of sugar as this can be counter productive to your goals.

8 Shipping - When will my smoothies arrive?

Orders placed by Tuesday night will always be delivered on the following Thursday.  This is because orders are processed on Wednesday morning and shipped to be delivered the following day.  

Shipping frozen foods is a major undertaking requiring much planning and preparation such as ordering dry ice from our supplier.  Unfortunately, that means we cannot make special arrangements to ship on alternate days.

If you cannot pick up your smoothie order on a particular Thursday evening please contact us by Tuesday evening so that we can delay your shipment to the following Thursday.

Frequently Asked Questions

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