Best Blenders For Smoothies

Smoothies are a diet’s best friend, being highly customizable, easy to make compact meals that cull eating urges while filling you up, or at least, this is how lifestyle website Healthline describes them.

And who would argue with them, smoothies are a creamy, icy, fruit-filled gift from the heavens on a warm day or when you are trying to cut back on calories.

Yet, a smoothie is only as good as the blender where it is made, and when made by a faulty one tends to lose the consistency, texture, and taste that make it so wonderful.

In order to help you and your own smoothies avoid such a terrible fate, we have compiled the five best blenders that will treat them with their deserved respect.


Ninja Professional Blender


The renowned magazine, New York mag perfectly describes the main strength of this blender by stating “The blender has even come recommended to us by professional chefs as a great blender for smoothies because it’s “it’s super easy to use and to clean.”

Indeed, the Ninja professional blender is a wonder of design in terms of load capacity, practicality, and sheer looks. If you want to make a large number of smoothies easily and easily have clean and ready for another go, this is the device for you.


Vitamix Series 750 Blender, Professional Grade


The industry standard for smoothies the Vitamix 750 is almost universally considered the smoothie lovers choice, known for making nothing if not the most perfect concoctions.

Among the reasons for such fame is this blenders’ ability to whip air into what it is blending making for the smooth and creamy texture that gives this drink the deserving name “smoothie”.

Being automatic and having a specific setting for smoothies, achieving this divine texture won’t even be hard, as you can just put the ingredients in, turn it on, and walk away.


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender


Although extremely practical, an automatic blender is not a mandatory tool in smoothie making and when properly operated a manual blender can work just as well.

That being said, the E310 is one of the best manual smoothie blenders out there with a potent engine and large bowl for serving the entire family.

Not only does it offer an economical advantage, but it shares in an upside of all manual blenders that is fine-tuning that is, greater control of the properties of your smoothie.


Blendtec Classic 575 Blender


Sharing many of its heavenly smoothie making feature without the heavy price tag of Vitamix, there is a reason for the BlendTec 575 to be called a classic.

Much like its more expansive cousin, it comes with a variety of preset cycles, with one specially made for smoothies that delivers that same perfect texture.

It even beats its competitor when it comes to the power of the engine, that can easily mow down even the hardest materials when operating at full capacity.


Magic Bullet Blender, 11-Piece Set

For those that are looking for a more economic alternative, or are simply not in need of larger portions, the magic bullet variant comes as one of the best possible choices.

It gets its names from the bullet-shaped containers that are measured to contain exactly one smoothie serving that you can even seal and take with you on the road.

Do not let its size trick you, this little bullet actually packs quite a punch and is capable of making absolutely delicious 




Although the right tools are essential in order to make a good smoothie, they will not do any miracles if not combined with the ingredients.

In fact, if you use low-quality powders and pulps which come with sugar and chemical additives, your smoothie is not going to give you any of its normal benefits.

This is why you should be making your smoothies out of the highest quality ingredients provided by companies like Smarter Blend, which employs the most modern scientific and ethical principles in the production of ingredients that yield maximum nutrition.

Of course, you may not be convinced, but what better way to shake off that skepticism than by giving one of our smart solutions a try in one of these wonderful machines? You’ve got nothing to lose!