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Our names are Ryan and Pru and we are the founders of Smarter Blend. We have spent over a decade perfecting our smoothie game which has had an enormously positive impact on our lives. We have always taken both our intellectually demanding work and our athletically ambitious hobbies very seriously which often leaves us with a huge demand for nutrition and very little time to satisfy it. Thoughtfully designed smoothies have proven time and again to be the most efficient means to fuel our mentally and physically demanding lifestyles as well as maintain our long term health.

A few years back, despite having a highly optimized smoothie routine we still found ourselves asking, how can we save more time without compromising our nutrient profile? We experimented with home made smoothie kits and while it was nice to be able to blend up a smoothie and walk out the door in under 2 minutes, adding all the prep work to the equation was more time consuming overall. To actually save time we concluded, we would need to scale up and develop a more streamlined system to a degree that would be impractical for only 2 people.

So, the logical next step was to launch Smarter Blend so that we could justify developing the smoothie kit operation of our dreams. Unsurprisingly, this also has not saved us any time overall :). However, now we can make smoothies at home in under a minute and now you can too!



We have always tried to minimize the negative impact of our consumption by purchasing in bulk from sustainable sources, recycling and reusing as much as possible and taking every opportunity to conserve natural resources. Starting a food business has given us the opportunity to apply those sentiments on a much larger scale.

For example, our manufacturing facility is solar powered and utilizes high efficiency dish washing equipment to help save precious water. We plan our production runs down to the gram and manage our ingredient inventory the way a jeweler would their precious metals. Nothing goes to waste at Smarter Blend!

We have invested much effort into finding the most sustainable packaging solutions possible without compromising the quality and safety of our product. This is an ongoing process but we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

Shipping Box (Recyclable / Compostable)
Corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper products.

Shipping Insulator (Recyclable / Compostable)
Made from plant based, biodegradable foam wrapped in a thin recyclable liner (#4 ldpe). The foam can be composted, dissolved in the sink or tossed in with the yard waste.

Smoothie Kit Boxes (Recyclable)
Printed on recycled paper with plant based inks.

Smoothie Kit Bags (Recyclable in some locations)
Made from laminated nylon/polyethylene they are only recyclable in some areas. We purchased a large batch of these before we knew about their limited recyclability and are searching for an alternative while we use up our existing stock. We own this mistake and hope to find a better solution.


Nutrition Philosophy Science vs Hype

We are wholeheartedly committed to the mission of producing the healthiest smoothies on the market. We believe we have achieved this through careful consideration of our recipes and by never compromising on our ingredients.

RecipesBalance is everything
Nutritionists generally agree that a healthy diet contains a balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins derived from a variety of nutrient dense foods. Traditionally that has been hard to achieve with smoothies comprised almost entirely of fruit. While its true they are loaded with nutrients, fruit by themselves don’t make a well balanced meal due to their sugar content and most shops make things worse by using concentrated juices to further sweeten their smoothies.

We are not starting with a sugary desert then making it “healthy” by throwing in a “superfood” at the end. At Smarter Blend we rely heavily on our science backgrounds as well as the opinions of several respected nutritionists to set optimal macro-nutrient ratios and nutritional targets. We then add and subtract from our library of nutrient dense ingredients including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and premium supplements until we have a recipe that tastes good but more importantly satisfies our nutritional goals.

The end result is not only far more substantial than the typical fruity desserts being sold elsewhere, our smoothies are well designed meals intended to fuel ambitious individuals for optimal performance.

IngredientsNutrient density is our priority
We spent over a year developing our sources for the several dozen ingredients we use across our recipes and we never stop fussing over quality. We scrutinize lab tests to ensure that our ingredients exceed industry averages of critical nutrients and we taste test everything so we know we have the sweetest bananas and the chocolatiest cacao.

Most of our ingredients are either frozen or powdered but always we select the form that we believe will deliver the highest quality and nutrition.

One of the major advantages of frozen produce is that it is picked at its prime and immediately frozen which has been shown to preserve nutrients at peak levels. Store bought produce can lose up to half its nutritional value during transport due to enzymes that are released after harvest.

We use powdered ingredients such as turmeric, maca or plant proteins which typically go through some form of processing that substantially concentrates and preserves key nutrients. This is not the same as the processing done on sugar or flour that is done to make food more addictively tasty often at the expense of any nutritional value.

What about Organic?
A majority of our ingredients are organic, especially for those items where we feel that will have the greatest impact on nutrition as well as minimizing exposure to pesticides and other agro chemicals. However, acquiring organic certification can be costly and time consuming and so we have held off for now as we feel we can provide much of the benefit without driving up our costs.

Sugar – Villain of the modern diet
It’s no secret that excessive sugar is a major problem in the modern diet. Several studies have shown that more than 50% of foods available in supermarkets contain added refined sugar. Some well known smoothie chains have successfully capitalized on the healthy reputation of fruits to claim that their sugar laden recipes, often sweetened with juices and fruit concentrates are “healthy”, all while contributing to the problem of sugar overload.

While we reject the idea that all carbs are always bad for you as claimed by a number of fad diets out there, we do agree that refined sugars should be avoided and even naturally occurring sugars must be consumed in moderation and alongside other nutrients to buffer their rate of absorption. The following chart shows how a Smarter Blend smoothie stacks up against some common snacks.




Coca Cola - 12oz


39 Grams

Refined Sugar

Banana - Large


19 Grams

Natural Sugar

Clif Bar - Chocolate Chip


23 Grams

Refined Sugar

Smarter Blend - Mint Chip


10 Grams

Natural Sugar


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