5 Weight Loss Smoothies to Combat Sugar Cravings

Today, almost all processed foods have some amount of added sugar in them. As many people rely on quick snacks, they fail to realize that they contain high amounts of sugar. Studies have time and again reiterated on the point that the added sugar intake can lead to various medical conditions such as obesity, diabetics, and heart-related diseases along with poor dental health. (Frontiers of Bioscience, June 2018)

Sugar affects the brain reward system and leads to addictive behavior if left unattended. It is also interesting to know that sugar triggers the release of dopamine in the same area of the brain that responds to addictive drugs as well. This is the reason why sugar cravings increase to a level where your body gets prone to various health problems. An average American consumes around 100 to 120 grams of sugar which are about 30 teaspoons of sugar, way above the recommended maximum by experts. (Harvard T.H. Chan, School of Public Health)


Effects of Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. Sugar consumption can be attributed to high rates of obesity and more such health issues. An increased risk of heart-related diseases can be caused by higher levels of sugar intake.

Apart from the various physical implications high sugar products have on your body, they also affect your mental health. A constant feeling of depression, anxiety, changes in sleep patterns, unexpected junk cravings, and cognitive issues can be associated with excessive sugar intake.


At Smarter Blend, we are on a mission to help you combat your sugar cravings. Smarter Blend’s smoothie kits are a natural way to combat sugar cravings and inculcate healthy carbs in your diet. It’s more than just a smoothie, it’s a Smarter Blend, for the smarter generation. 

Here are five of Smarter Blend’s famous weight loss smoothies!


  1. Mango Cardamom: Mangoes are great for digestion and rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and act as a powerful immunity booster. Contrary to some opinions, mangoes provide natural sweetness and an enriching feeling when blended along with cardamom. Cardamom, on the other hand, is an effective digestive stimulant, boosts metabolism and helps burn fat more efficiently. This powerful blend of smooth mangoes and the bold flavor of cardamom will have a positive implication on your health routine!
  2. Strawberry Banana: Acting as a great addition to your balanced diet, Bananas help with bloating & controlling appetite, and replace processed sugar. Strawberries boost the production of hormones attributed to faster metabolism and aid weight loss. Moreover, strawberries and bananas have always been a killer combo!
  3. Tropical Pineapple: Smarter Blend’s tropical wonder is here and enriched with weight-loss elements without compromising on nutrition. Pineapple is again a great metabolism booster as the juice contains bromelain, an enzyme that acts as a belly fat burner.
  4. Berries: The melody of the sweetness in the berries and the tartness of its flavor is mouth-watering. Not only is this Smarter Blend rich in taste, but also fat burning and storages, helping with cholesterol as well. Weight loss has never been this easy, with this berry blast of weight loss smoothie!
  5. Chai Spice: Presenting the aromatic blend of species that will indulge you in a fine experience. Tea species in tea reduce blood sugar levels, help in weight loss, and aid digestion. What better way to fulfill your chai craving and health requirements?


Want to enjoy delicious and healthy smoothies at home without the hassle? Smarter Blend brings you a step closer to your health goals. 

Our vision is to create a healthy component enriched with necessary nutrition, carbs, and great taste. Getting fit never felt this easy! 


At Smarter Blend, our ingredients are meticulously selected to combat illness and health problems. Every aspect of our idea is highly inspiring, with 100% biodegradable packaging, personalization, and care to every product. 

Our smoothie kits are plant-based and contain zero added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. A healthy diet is one that feeds the mind, body, and soul! And at Smarter Blend, you’ll definitely feel rejuvenated and healthy from body, mind, and soul.